Jamie Farnsworth

Veterinary Assistant

Jamie is a Northern Michigan girl and the reigning cat whisperer of the clinic. 

She has been working with cats and dogs for almost 6 years now. She joined our team in order to pursue a career in vet med after having spent years working with furry friends at the local humane society. It was there that she turned her passion for cats and dogs into a working career. She has quickly fallen in love with the patients we work with on a daily basis and the clinic cat–er, queen, has already developed her into a loyal servant. 

When she is not bending to the will of Brooke the Clinic Queen she spends her spare time with her husband and her four cats. Her precious female felines Ceena and Greta along with her two boys Winter and Brett range from the ages of 2 years old to 11 years old. She enjoys going on roadtrips, baking, playing board games, and caring for kittens and fostering them. It is her deep seeded passion for cats that has her currently pursuing a feline behavior and training certificate. 

So next time you call, or stop in for a visit be sure to say hello to Jamie and trust that whether it be a cat or a dog she will greet and treat your pet with the kind of kindness the world so desperately needs right now. 

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