Marie Skrobak

Veterinary Technician

Marie is our licensed tech here at the clinic. From her earliest memories Marie has been a lover and caregiver to all animals big and small. As a child she assisted in helping injured wildlife. She kept dogs, cats, gerbils, rabbits, and goldfish as pets. When she wasn’t caring for animals she spent her youth exploring the shores of Lake Huron hiking, camping, and swimming. She continues to be an avid lover of music and books and is the go to person in the clinic for suggestions on reading materials. She is a published author of the book The Secret Language of Trees which is sold through online retailers and local bookstores. We even have copies for sale here in the clinic.

When she’s not working part time at our clinic she shares her home with three pets. Bindi is her 10 year old Jack Russel. In her time working here she has adopted a beautiful grey cat named Cinder she first met through the clinic’s partnership with Mackinaw Animal Aid and became the primary caregiver of a 7 year old chihuahua named Doji who had been surrendered to the clinic.

Marie is primarily behind the scenes here at the clinic but very much an integral part of our operations. Her spirit and attitude towards life and her job is infectious. She is one of the most beloved and cherished members of this team. So, next time you call to make an appointment or get a take home letter after a dental visit, we hope this gives you a better understanding of the spirit behind the name Marie.

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